“I feel weightless”: Nike-backed researchers invent a wearable robot that makes you faster



“It can do things that your muscles can’t do.”

As workout studios close their doors amid a global pandemic, people are left with one of the cheapest and easiest ways to break a sweat: running.

But just because you know you could be running, doesn’t mean you’ll actually go out and jog. That’s where a new Nike-funded research team comes in. They want to help people struggling to go the distance — and invented a wearable ankle “exoskeleton” that makes running 14 PERCENT EASIER AND ENERGY-EFFICIENT compared to normal running shoes.

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World’s fastest running two-legged robot


MABEL is a robot in a University of Michigan lab can run like a human.  That is  a feat that represents the height of agility and efficiency for a two-legged machine. MABEL is believed to be the world’s fastest bipedal robot with knees with a peak pace of 6.8 miles per hour.


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Running Shoes Changed How Humans Run

shoes running rack 324
When you strap on a typical running shoe, you may be fighting evolution.

Modern-day running shoes have changed the way people run, altering our gait from that of barefoot running — the manner by which people ran for thousands of years before the arrival of the cushioned shoes found on store shelves today — a new study suggests.

The study showed barefoot runners tend to hit the ground toe first, a style that minimizes forces that jar the body, while people used to running shoes have largely adopted a heel-first style that can mean lots of force on the body.

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Future of Human Running Speed: 35-40 MPH May Be Possible


Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt’s record-setting performances have unleashed a wave of interest in the ultimate limits to human running speed. A new study published Jan. 21 in the Journal of Applied Physiology offers intriguing insights into the biology and perhaps even the future of human running speed.

Jogging Boosts Brain Power According to Study


Running boosts brain power

Running can help boost your brain power and help you overcome a forgetful memory, a Cambridge University study has suggested.  Jogging a couple of days a week was shown to stimulate the brain, which led to a big impact on mental ability, university neuroscientists discovered.


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Jojo – GPS For The Visually Impaired

Jojo - GPS For The Visually Impaired


I think the feeling of independence has no parallel. And this same feeling is valued to great heights by people with some physical impairment. We have products for everything, be it luxury or survival, but I wonder whether a device has hatched to take care of the blind single-handedly, without seeking the presence of well-wishers.

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Saigak Power Boots


The news report is in Russian language

This is a Russian TV news report on the russian made “Power Boots”, also known as “Seven League Boots”, or “Quickwalker Boots”, or the “Saigak Power Boots”, which is the russian word for a kind of elk.

The boots were created by a russian scientist Viktor Gordeyev. Each boot includes a single diesel cylinder which is powered by diesel fuel.

The boots make it possible for the wearer to increase their running and walking speed up to 25 miles per hour or more. Additional videos after the jump.

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Exercise May Speed Up Tumor Growth

Exercise May Speed Up Tumour Growth

Sometimes exercise can be bad for you

It is considered that exercise is an effective path to good health, but a new study has shown that exercise may lead to faster prostate tumor growth, and thus hasten the decline of some cancer patients.

Researchers at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center (DCCC) and the Duke Prostate Center, who looked at prostate tumours in mice, found that cancerous cells multiplied twice as quickly when the animals were active.
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The Running Trike


Yes, it’s a bit goofy looking. But for those people who are limited in their mobility and still want to exercise, or joggers who want to seriously increase the distance they are traveling, this might be the solution. For guys, the seat arrangement might be a bit tough on Guss and the twins.


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