Inclusive fashion is the future of runways and retail


Thin, white, young, stereotypically “feminine” or “masculine”—those are some of the characteristics that traditionally defined who the fashion industry prioritized.

That’s starting to change. Fashion is under mounting pressure to cater to all customers, as tech-empowered shoppers wield more influence over brands and new upstart labels, willing to serve the shoppers established brands have ignored, are rewarded. This isn’t a passing phase: By 2025, management-consulting firm Bain & Company predicts luxury shoppers will consider a brand’s values, such as inclusivity and diversity, just as much as the quality of the products it sells when deciding how to spend their money.

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Top 5 most dangerous airports in the U.S.


Chicago O’Hare Airport

In 2006 United Airlines Flight 1015 was picking up speed while rolling down the runway at Chicago O’Hare.  But at around 10 p.m. on that clear summer evening  the pilots saw something heart-stopping on the runway: an Atlas Air 747 cargo plane moving directly into its path. Unable to abort takeoff, the United pilot made a split-second decision to turn sharply. The planes avoided impact by a mere 120 feet.


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Flying Car Successfully Completes First Test Flight


First test flight of the Terrafugia Transition

The Terrafugia Transition is a two-seat aircraft that converts into a Volkswagen Beetle-like automobile.  The vehicle successfully completed its first test flight earlier this month. (Videos)

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John Travolta’s Back Yard

John Travolta’s Back Yard

Travolta’s Florida mansion looks more like an airport

John Travolta is an interesting paradox. Yes, every last blade of grass is online, but it’s all the stuff on it that causes the commotion. The man is telling people to conserve resources (he encourages his fans to “do their bit to tackle global warming”). but there it is– his Florida estate filled with custom jet aircraft–a 707, two or three Gulfstreams, a Lear jet–all parked along the neat golf course-like landscaping, somewhere near the huge swimming pool (though at first you might mistake it for Lake Okeechobee), not too far from the SUV fleet which is sort of intermingled with the Yankee Stadium class array of lighting equipment. Yes, I’ll admit, I’m jealous. (Pics)

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