Vending machine of the future

There’s the potential for the next generation of touchscreen LCD vending machines to be an all out assault on our senses. So here’s hoping more companies will take this subtly animated approach instead of horrifying advertisements.

This concept machine, created by Sanden, Okaya Electronics, and Intel, uses a monstrous 65 inch transparent HD display that still lets shoppers see the actual products being sold. And instead of just playing full screen commercials with music blaring, a series of simple silhouetted animations and menus are used to entice shoppers to give up their pocket change…

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Children at a Greater Risk of Mental Problems the Longer Their Screen Time


Screen time linked to mental problems in kids

More than two hours a day spent watching television or playing computer games could put a child at greater risk for psychological problems, suggests a new study.  British researchers found the effect held regardless of how active kids were during the rest of the day.


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Drug Screening At A Pie Eating Contest?

pie eater 213

No drugs used here!

Baseball, football, bodybuilding — so many sports have been impacted by athletes secretly using performance-enhancing drugs. Sadly, even competitors in pie-eating competitions have resorted to such nefarious cheating. But officials at the upcoming World Pie Eating Championships in Wigan, UK have taken steps to keep athletes honest:

Championships Executive President Tony Callaghan, owner of Harry’s Bar, said: “Gravy has traditionally been the performance-enhancing drug of choice amongst pie eaters at this level, but since we banned it after a series of questionable concoctions were created by contenders, they’ve been trying to find other ways of generating lubricative advantage – and we’re hearing rumours that cough mixture is the new Bisto…

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Video Ad To Run In Print Magazine


CBS and Pepsi will tout ‘Monday to the Max’ in a video ad set to run in some copies of Entertainment Weekly.

To hawk its fall season, CBS has teamed with PepsiCo and Entertainment Weekly to create a video ad that will run in the magazine.

CBS will insert a paper-thin interactive video player into copies of the Sept. 18 issue of Time Inc.’s Entertainment Weekly sent to Los Angeles- and New York-area subscribers. The issue previews the 2009-2010 TV season. As part of a unique marketing partnership, PepsiCo will join with CBS to promote its Pepsi Max diet cola for men in the print ads and sponsor the fall debut of CBS’s Monday-night comedies on Sept. 21.


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Transparent OLED Rear-View Mirror

Transparent OLED Rear-View Mirror 

Transparent OLED Rear-View Mirror

It seems as though auto makers can never decide in what arena they would like to challenge the competition. One day it’s all about horsepower, the next it’s about fuel economy and by the end of the week it’s about in-car technology. While this drives prices down and brings the overall quality up, it also eventually leads to the question of “do I really need that?”

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Amazon Developing Larger Screen Kindle

Amazon Developing Larger Screen Kindle

 Amazon has big plans for the Kindle

The Kindle has been a huge success. With that success, some copycats have emerged. Some of those plan to have a larger screen. So, to keep up, Amazon is planning to develop another Kindle according to the WSJ. Supposedly this comes from people who have seen a version of the device. This one would have “a larger screen”.

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