Solowheel – self-balancing electric unicycle


These one-wheeled, self-balancing personal transport solutions, the fat wheeled eniCycle, the stylish and graceful U3 from Honda or the slightly scary prospect of the UnoMoto, have all shared more in common. They’ve all had somewhere for the user to sit. Inventist’s Solowheel is a little different – you ride this electric unicycle standing upright, like a Segway or skateboard. It has a useful carry handle and fold-away foot platforms, is gyro-stabilized and the Li-ion batteries offer a range of about 12 miles between charges. (Pics)

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Self-Balancing Unicycle, For Us Clumsy Folk



 Now anyone can act like a circus clown

The Self-Balancing Unicycle (or SBU) by Focus Designs incorporates the same kind of technology that keeps the goofy Segway upright. It uses accelerometers and gyroscopes that allow the SBU to know which way is up and which way you’re leaning. That’s how you control the SBU actually – the pedals are just for show.


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