This countertop machine lets you mix your own shampoo and cleaning products at home



It’s like a Soda Stream for personal care products.

It looks a little like a SodaStream, but a new appliance is designed to make your shampoo or laundry detergent, not drinks. Instead of buying products in new plastic bottles with every purchase, the system uses small pouches and reusable bottles.

“We wanted to harness the power of reuse and local production across virtually all products in the home and body care categories,” says Nick Gunia, cofounder and CEO of Cleanyst. The system, which launched on Kickstarter today, comes with the countertop appliance, reusable bottles, and pouches of plant-based concentrate for 10 different products, from dish soap and fabric softener to body wash and conditioner.

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Panasonic testing shampoo robot in Japan


Hair salon Super Hair Seo in Nishinomiya, Japan is playing lucky host to Panasonic’s Head Care Robot, which is undergoing its first tests alongside hairdressers.  The shampoo robot  ‘offers a degree of comfort that users cannot experience with human hands.’

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Automatic Human Washing Machine

Automatic Human Washing Machine

Avant’s Santelubain 999 Automatic Human Washing Machine

All of us who see bathing and showering as an inefficient practice, and have been waiting for a technical innovation to make it still more effortless, could feel delighted with the introduction of the Avant’s Santelubain 999, an automatic human washing machine. Best introduction for salons etc. a user on slipping into the washing machine has a plethora of things to use and chose from only at a touch of a button, which makes this an eye-grabber wherever it is.

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New Baby Shampoo: Nothing But Tears


All Fear And Double The Tears

After decades of coddling young children, Johnson & Johnson decided to go the other way and toughen ‘em up with this new shampoo: Nothing But Tears!

A radical departure for the health goods manufacturer, the new shampoo features an all-alcohol-based formula, has never once been approved by leading dermatologists, and is as gentle on a baby’s skin as “having to grow up and fend for your goddamn self.”

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