RP Technologies help Cross Sword to launch luxury men’s high heel shoes


Cross Sword contacted RP Technologies after being recommended to use their prototype tooling & plastic injection moulding services. After initially contacting 2 different companies, both of which created more problems than solutions, Daniel Bush, founder of Cross Sword was relieved that RP listened to his needs and developed a solution to help launch his latest product.

Cross Sword develop and sell luxury high heel shoes for men that have a classic look. The company identified a lack of products for those that wish to wear masculine styled shoes with a high heel so launched the start-up company to offer a comfortable solution for the male high heel wearer.

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11 amazing pairs of futuristic shoes


Fashion designers are starting to use all kinds of technology in their garments.  Scientific progress has always been an important part of shoe design — the invention of vulcanized rubber by Charles Goodyear directly led to boots that could climb Mount Everest, for example — and pro athletes consistently turn to Nike, Reebok, and other companies to create performance-enhancing footwear.

Here are 11 pairs of shoes for the future, some that heal themselves, give you directions, and even generate electricity.

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What creatures are living on your smartphone?


A graph charts the relative proportions of different types of bacteria on shoes (odd-numbered columns) and cell phones (even-numbered columns).

There are whole communities of microbes living on your cell phone and your shoes.  The microbes are as distinctive as the germs on your fingers and in your mouth.

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Nike Patents Plan for Back to the Future Self-Lacing Sneakers

back to the future shoes

Nike’s patent resembles the shoes from Back to the Future 2

Nike has filed a patent for a self-lacing shoe that resembles the sneakers from “Back to the Future 2” so closely, one has to wonder whether a hover-board and flux capacitor could be far behind.  There is currently no timetable for when these shoes may hit the market, but the patent shoes indicate that Nike is definitely working on the technology.


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Running Shoes Changed How Humans Run

shoes running rack 324
When you strap on a typical running shoe, you may be fighting evolution.

Modern-day running shoes have changed the way people run, altering our gait from that of barefoot running — the manner by which people ran for thousands of years before the arrival of the cushioned shoes found on store shelves today — a new study suggests.

The study showed barefoot runners tend to hit the ground toe first, a style that minimizes forces that jar the body, while people used to running shoes have largely adopted a heel-first style that can mean lots of force on the body.

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