Apple stores start selling $199 Philips Hue custom LED light kits


The Apple Store sells more smart devices for the home other that the Nest learning thermostats.  The retail chain will soon begin selling Philips’ ‘Hue’ LED light bulb kits, which let you control the color of light in your rooms from your smart device.



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The Internet of Things

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Cisco has designed an impressive infographic detailing how the ‘Internet Of Things‘ will affect everyday life. Or rather, how it won’t. As of 2008, the number of  ’things’ connected to the Internet surpassed the number of people on earth. By 2050, there will be 50 billion things, ranging from your smartphone to believe it or not, cattle. Wireless sensors (transmitting 200 MB of data per cow each year) have been affixed to cows, instantly notifying a farmer when one is sick. (pic)

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