Monsanto Shifts All Liability For Damages Caused By Its GM Crops to Farmers, Now & For Perpetuity


Monsanto is a perfect example of the worst excesses of opaque corporate shenanigans that, alongside outright political dictatorship and oppression, are direct threats to true democracy.

The Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement (the name itself is Orwellian in it’s use of language to obscure and not illuminate) indemnifies Monsanto against “any and all losses, injury or damages resulting from the use or handling of seed (including claims based in contract, negligence, product liability, strict liability, tort, or otherwise)…in no event shall Monsanto or any seller be liable for any incidental, consequential, special, or punitive damages.”

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National Gaming Day At Libraries A Massive Success

library game day photo 234

Jenny “Shifted Librarian” Levine and the American Library Association threw an astoundingly successful National Gaming Day in America’s libraries. This is the second year for NGD, and the participation more than doubled. Patrons played all kinds of games — tabletop, board games, video games — and discovered their libraries and their communities.
Here’s all the numbers from this great day…

Special ‘Thinking Cap’ to Unlock Our Inner Genius

 Special ‘Thinking Cap’ to Unlock Our Inner Genius

There is a theory that the spark of genius lurks hidden within all of us.Now scientists are developing a ‘thinking cap’ that could turn that theory into practice and unlock the amazing potential of the human brain. The device uses tiny magnetic pulses to change the way the brain works and has produced remarkable results in tests.

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Special Car Trunk to Haul Segways

Special Car Trunk to Haul Segways

Wicked cool Segway stowage

Saturn has this bizarre electric car concept with gull-wing trunk doors, apparently designed to make it more difficult to load stuff into the trunk. And since the buyer will be green minded and energy efficient, then why not have a couple Segways built into the trunk? (Pics)

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N.Y. Planning Special Ambulance To Recover Organs

N.Y. Planning Special Ambulance To Recover Organs

 LifePort is a device that supports and monitors an organ during transport

In the hope of saving the lives of more people waiting for transplants, New York City is working on a plan to deploy a special ambulance to collect the bodies of people who have died suddenly from heart attacks, accidents and other emergencies and try to preserve their organs.
If the “rapid-organ-recovery ambulance” succeeds, officials would like to expand the unique pilot program citywide with a fleet of ambulances and eventually duplicate it in other cities.

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