Starbucks connects fridges, coffee machines to the Internet of Things

The coffee machine knows you probably don’t want whipped cream on your venti non-fat latte.

Starbucks refrigerators and coffeemakers are about to get a whole lot smarter.  Starbucks reportedly plans to connect its devices to the Internet of Things within the next year. Fridges will now tell employees when a carton of milk has gone bad, and cloud-based Clover coffeemakers will track what recipes customers prefer, and alert workers to the machine’s performance. The move is an attempt to improve productivity as well as customer service.



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Starbucks Offers Ginormous New Drink Size


Starbucks is now offering the trenta size, which is just one ounce short of a full quart. Sadly, it will not be available for straight coffee — just icy drinks. In this infographic, Andrew Barr of Canada’s National Post points out that this size is larger than the average adult stomach capacity…

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