By 2025, 50% 0f consumers under 32 won’t pay for cable


By 2025, half of all adults under 32 won’t pay for traditional cable subscriptions, according to a new Forrester study. An online survey of 32,000 U.S. adults found that 76 percent subscribe to cable. Of the 24 percent who don’t pay for cable, 18 percent are cord-nevers—people who have never paid for a cable subscription—while 6 percent are cord cutters, meaning they have canceled their cable subscriptions. The report notes that this year, digital cord-nevers have surpassed cord cutters and represent “the next stage of evolution in TV viewing.”

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Paywalls rise for online news readers

More newspapers adding paywalls to their online subscriptions.

Several newspapers have recently announced plans to erect paywalls to extract subscription revenues for their most loyal online readers. While the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Telegraph, and the Sun are adding paywalls other paywalls are being tweaked.  The NYT paywall is getting less porous, while Andrew Sullivan’s is being tightened up, with a new $2/month option to complement the existing $20/year price point.

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Cable TV losing record number of subscribers

watching tv

Eight of the nine largest subscription-TV providers in the U.S. lost 195,700 subscribers in the April-to-June quarter.

Americans spend a lot of free time in front of the TV set and that is where the weak economy is hitting them.  Record numbers of people are canceling their cable and satellite TV subscriptions, according to an analysis by the Associated Press of the companies’ quarterly earnings reports.


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Unlock Your House From Anywhere By Text Message

Unlock Your House From Anywhere 

 Schlage LiNK Door Lock System

How many times have you needed to send someone to your house to pick something up at the last minute, but had no way to get them a key? Sure, it’s not something that comes up all the time, but when the situation does arise, it can be frustrating. With the new LiNK door lock system from Schlage, you can unlock your house from anywhere.

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