Kuka robot plays table tennis world champion Timo Boll

kuka robot

Kuka Agilus robot

We expected a fair fight when robot maker Kuka announced that it would be pitting its Agilus robot against table tennis star Timo Boll last month. Conditioned professional human athlete against a cold, merciless, bright orange mechanical arm on a small wooden field, both wielding the same armament: a miniature bat. Boll was once ranked world number one, but Kuka claimed its robot was the quickest in the world. The Agilus was named for its lightning-fast movements, and would presumably be able to rapidly spin into position and return Boll’s balls from anywhere on the table. (Video)



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The Secret Fort Convertible Table


I want a secret fort too!

The “Daily Shelter” by artist Ingrid Brandth is a dining-room table that converts to a secret fort: “At first glance it looks like an ordinary table. But for the one who knows its secret, it can be transformed into a shelter where one can hide from scary sounds, ghosts or family members. Just like a snail feels safe in its house.”

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Laptop Steering Wheel Desk


Using your laptop in the car is not really the easiest thing in the world to do. While many car manufacturers are including iPod and mobile phone docks in their new vehicles, nobody’s really putting laptop stands in cars. But for the traveling business person, using a laptop in your car is essential part of today’s business environment. The Laptop Steering Wheel Desk Laptop Steering Wheel Table can help to facilitate using your notebook computer in the car.


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Element 112 to be Officially Added to the Periodic Table


That’s a LONG way from Hydrogen…

Get ready to revise the text books again, the Periodic Table of Elements is getting a new addition.

Sigurd Hofmann and colleagues at the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research in Germany produced the superheavy 112 back in 1996, and now it’s going to be officially added to the Periodic Table as soon as a name for the element is chosen:

“The new element is approximately 277 times heavier than hydrogen, making it the heaviest element in the periodic table,” the scientists at the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research said in a statement late on Wednesday.

The zinc and lead nuclei were fused to form the nucleus of the new element, also known as Ununbium, Latin for 112…

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Deadline for Exhibitors at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Deadline for Exhibitors at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Future Edisons will be out in force at the Inventor Showcase

Are you still on the fence about exhibiting at the Colorado Inventor Showcase? Well, the good news is you still have a couple days to decide, until Wed Nov 5th. The bad news is that we only have a limited few of these great spaces left.

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Multi-Touch Surface PC Table



For it’s latest trick, Microsoft’s engineers have given the multi-touch Surface PC table a bartender’s sixth sense. If you set your drink down on top of it, the Surface will be able to detect just how full it is. At least, if it’s in a special glass.

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Transport Pod Bed

Transport Pod Bed 

Very much like the popular Metronaps Energypod, Napshell Sleeping Cocoon, and the Transport Pod Bed, the “Bubble of Silence” has been designed to create the perfect environment to avoid the noisy and stressful world. The exteriors of the Bubble have been influenced by natural ornaments such as shells, pebbles, cocoons and bubbles while the interiors make sure you are completely at ease.

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Overweight Diners Choose Convenience and Overeating At Chinese Buffets

Overweight Diners Choose Convenience and Overeating At Chinese Buffets 

 Chinese Buffet

When dining at Chinese Buffets, overweight individuals serve themselves and eat differently than normal weight individuals. This may lead them to overeat, according to a recent study by Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab. Compared to normal weight diners, overweight individuals sat 16 feet closer to the buffet, faced the food, used larger plates, ate with forks instead of chopsticks, and served themselves immediately instead of browsing the buffet.

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