Do Teachers Have the Right to Video Record Distruptive Students?


Does a teacher have the right to make a video recording of students without their permission and what privacy rights does a student have in school?

 Where do we draw the line at which public video recording becomes an invasion of privacy?  Even as cell-phone cameras and handheld video recorders proliferate,  public video recording is still murky in the eyes of the law.


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Forget Homeschooling … “Unschool” Your Kids!


Forget “homeschooling” – that idea is so passé. Here comes “unschooling”:

The Biegler children live as though school doesn’t exist.

They’re at home all day, but they’re not being homeschooled. They’re being “unschooled.” There are no textbooks, no tests and no formal education at all in their world…

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More Educators Shutting Down Laptops in the Classroom

laptops in classroom

More colleges shutting down digital distractions in classrooms.

As a culture, we’re at an odd crossroads regarding personal computers. For years, educators have been clamoring to put technology in the hands of young students through partnerships with big tech companies, best symbolized by the One Laptop Per Child initiative.

Robot Teachers Are A Hit In South Korea


Robot teachers have been given the thumbs up in South Korea, with a government report saying they have been a hit with pupils during a pilot project

The scheme saw robotic English teachers taking lessons in three elementary schools for eight weeks from last December, as well as robot-like machines teaching maths, science and art classes in ten Seoul schools from last November.

The teaching-bots were a combination of fully autonomous robots, which used voice-recognition software to understand what children are saying, and ‘telepresence’ robots, which are controlled remotely by a teacher who monitors the children via video cameras and microphones.

The government report said that the robot trials were a success. ‘The machines spurred creativity and had a positive influence on the attitude of students,’ one Ministry of Knowledge Economy official told the Yonhap news agency.

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Seed Capital Boot Camp – How to Find Investors for Your Business

Seed Capital Boot Camp - How to Find Investors for Your Business 

 Yes, there is still money out there for investment!

Seed capital is the early stage money needed to get most businesses off the ground. It is considered a high-risk investment, but one that can reap major rewards if the company becomes a growth enterprise. This type of funding is often obtained in exchange for an equity stake in the enterprise, although with less formal contractual overhead than standard equity financing.

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