3D printed thyroid gland implanted into mice


With new advancements happening on a regular basis in the world of bioprinting, it’s hard to determine just which company is furthest ahead.  Is it Organovo, the publicly traded company already working to create 3D printed mini kidneys with Australian researchers? Or is it one of the many research institutions making advancements in 3D printing ear drums, blood vessels, or carbon composites for bone regeneration?  If one had to choose, they might lean towards 3D Bioprinting Solutions, who successfully 3D printed a thyroid gland, classified as an “organ construct”.  And, today, news leaked that the Russian company had taken their research one step further, implanting a 3D printed thyroid into mice.

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‘Rocket Fuel’ Ingredient Found in Baby Food Declared “Safe”


Beware of EXTREMELY Explosive Diarrhea!

A chemical used in rocket fuel and explosives has been found in 15 baby foods tested by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, though no one appears too worried.

The US watchdog said the unnamed formulas contained traces of perchlorate, a salt derivative used in fireworks and rocket fuel and to treat thyroid gland disorders.

The US Environmental Working Group said a high level of the chemical could interfere with thyroid hormone production….

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