We still don’t understand why time only flows forward


The history of the Universe and the arrow of time, which always flows forward in the same direction and at the same rate for any observer.(NASA / GSFC)

The past is gone, the future not yet here, only the present is now. But why does it always flow the way it does for us?

Every moment that passes finds us traveling from the past to the present and into the future, with time always flowing in the same direction. At no point does it ever appear to either stand still or reverse; the “arrow of time” always points forwards for us. But if we look at the laws of physics — from Newton to Einstein, from Maxwell to Bohr, from Dirac to Feynman — they appear to be time-symmetric. In other words, the equations that govern reality don’t have a preference for which way time flows. The solutions that describe the behavior of any system obeying the laws of physics, as we understand them, are just as valid for time flowing into the past as they are for time flowing into the future. Yet we know from experience that time only flows one way: forwards. So where does the arrow of time come from?

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When Wasting Time becomes a Crime

Futurist Thomas Frey: Every time I delete spam from my inbox, I feel a tiny piece of my life flitter away.

Sitting needlessly at stoplights, or watching the minutes tick away as I wait in some line, or being forced to fill out yet another form, our precious time is being coopted by everyone from inconsiderate businesses, to overbearing government, to painful security checks at the airport.



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Daylight savings time tied to an increase in heart attack rates

Shifts to and from daylight savings time may be linked with small increases in heart attacks in the spring, and small decreases in the fall.

According to a small new study, setting the clock ahead for daylight savings time may set the scene for a small increase in heart attacks the next day, suggesting that sleep-deprivation might be to blame.



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Scientists create temporal cloaking device that hides whole events


Scientists demonstrate how they have have created, a new invisibility technique that doesn’t just cloak an object but masks an entire event in this illustration.

Most people don’t have any problem making time disappear – but scientists have cracked a very hi-tech way of doing exactly that. Scientists have developed a ‘temporal cloaking’ device that can hide events from view.

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Sundial will beam you the weather, your appointments, stock markets and whatever else you please



Wall clocks are usually used to indicate time and at the very least to look pretty. What if we were to add laser beams, touchpad UI, WiFi, bluetooth and computer syncing? Now wouldn’t that be a fantastic concept!  (Pics)


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Punching a hole in time

time tttttttttttttt

Researchers are working on a ‘time cloak.’

Ocean’s Eleven has nothing on this. A robber breaks into a bank safe and returns home, where he activates a device that conceals his earlier burglary, making it look like he never entered the bank in the first place. Such a “time cloak” is still a long way from reality, but researchers have now made an important first step, demonstrating a cloaking device that can hide for a fraction of a second an event that occurs at a specific point in time…

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