We are closer than ever to achieving the Hyperloop – But not the one we first imagined


More recent designs closely resemble high-speed trains.

The Hyperloop One’s recent speed record of 308 kmh (192 mph) is an important step (however small) toward surpassing the first goal of the Hyperloop: to achieve quicker transit than other alternatives. But, while the hyperloop was initially designed to achieve 1,200 km/h (750 mph) with a chic micro-craft built for three passengers, it is developing into something quite different.

In his original outline, Musk illuminated some glaring problems at the conceptual stage of several other “high speed” rail systems — namely the high expense per mile, the cost of operation, and that other propositions were less safe than flying by two orders of magnitude.

No one thought the proposal would come so far a mere four years after Elon Musk released his initial plans for Hyperloop system. But with tubes 3.3 meters (11 feet) in diameter, the craft looks more like the cargo version from Musk’s original concept. Instead of a bobsled, we’re seeing something more like an ordinary train. Additionally, the thin concrete pylons planned for minimal terrestrial footprint will be significantly larger. Since this is more on the scale of a train or highway, the disruptive potential of compact tubes would seem, alas, reneged.

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Egypt experiences an average of 550 train crashes per year

82 percent of Egypt’s railway lines are less safe because they depend on mechanical signals.

In the wake of Monday’s deadly Badrashin train crash, which left 19 people dead and 117 injured, a Transportation Ministry report shows the country has experienced an average 550 train wrecks per year, including both serious and minor ones.

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World’s largest model railroad


Miniatur Wunderland (in German it means “miniature wonderland”)  is the world’s largest model railroad, with over 39,000 feet of tracks taking up over 12,000 square feet in Hamburg. Construction on Miniatur Wunderland began in 2001, the project is not expected to be finished until 2020, at which point it will be twice as big as it is today.


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Indian Railways – Backbone of India’s Socioeconomic Growth Plans Improvements to Rail System


Commuters stand in the doorways of a crowded local train as it leaves Churchgate railway station in Mumbai

Investment is needed to improve track, rolling stock and delivery times. At present passenger trains manage an average of 50 kph, while freight just 22 kph. Indian Railways has long been regarded as the backbone of the socioeconomic growth of India. The country has the world s fourth largest rail network and the second largest in Asia after China. Indian Railways has recently attracted immense global media and corporate attention due to its turnaround to profitability, and has been consistently recording buoyant growth rates over the last few years as India’s population continues to increase. According to India Railways, the cash surplus before dividend and net revenue were estimated by the government at US$6.17 billion and US$4.53 billion, for 2007-08 respectively. This places Indian Railways in a better position than many Fortune 500 companies.


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Calculate Your Carbon Footprints With Carbon Diem

Calculate Your Carbon Footprints With Carbon Diem 

Being irresponsible towards the environment is a sure way of bruising one’s eco-conscience. But with evolving technology and design brain-storming, one has to just look around to find devices and simple ways to keep the ultimatum of destruction at bay. Carbon Diem is one such technology of the future that would be soon available on GPS enabled phones.

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