Meet the desk-sized turbine that can power a small town


A desk-sized turbine can power 10,000 homes using carbon dioxide.

10,000 Homes

Engineers from GE Global Research unveiled a turbine that could provide power for 10,000 homes. But what’s truly remarkable about this turbine is its potential to solve the world’s energy challenges.

Typically, turbines weigh tons and use steam to run—this one is no bigger than the size of your desk, weighs around 68 kg (150 pounds), and runs on carbon dioxide. “This compact machine will allow us to do amazing things,” said Doug Hofer, lead engineer on the project, in Albany, New York. He continues, “the world is seeking cleaner and more efficient ways to generate power. The concepts we are exploring with this machine are helping us address both.”

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Altaeros Energies floating wind turbine churns out electricity and Wi-Fi


Altaeros Energies floating wind turbine.

This floating turbine, developed by Altaeros Energies could someday travel to every remote corner of the globe. There, they could deliver electricity and Internet connectivity to people and villages living off-the-grid. (Video)



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Wind turbine loft living not for the faint of heart

Wind loft

Are you looking for a place where you can get away from it all?  The designers at  Morphocode ave come up with a futuristic-looking loft space.  They have combined the age-old concept of lighthouse-style dwellings and the forward-thinking fields of offshore wind turbines. (Photos)



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SheerWind wind turbine can generate 600% more energy than conventional turbines

An innovator in high-performance, cost-efficient wind energy technology is SheerWind.  Initial field-testing results have been announced which compares INVELOX commercial-grade wind energy generation with the same turbine on a traditional tower-mounted system.


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Dual-Action wind turbine generates power and water

eolewater turbine 3214123

Wind can create both power and water?

Throughout the developing world, millions of people struggle with a shortage of clean water and steady electricity. This wind turbine could solve both problems in one shot by pulling both power and water straight from the wind.

The WMS1000 Wind Turbine was invented by Marc Parent and is built by the French start-up Eole Water. Sitting atop a 24-meter mast, the machine generates electricity with a conventional 30kW direct-drive turbine in a 12-ton nacelle with a 13-meter blade diameter. The WMS1000 can self-regulate the energy it produces, allowing it to provide a steady stream of power even in gusty or choppy winds. Installing an array of the turbines, which each have a service life of 30 years, creates a small-scale, decentralized power grid perfect for remote areas…

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Geothermal Energy Used in Oregon Town to Stay Warm


Pipes of geothermal water can be installed under sidewalks and roads to keep them from icing over in winter, like this sidewalk in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

In southern Oregon, when snow falls on this downtown of brick buildings and glass storefronts, it piles up everywhere but the sidewalks. It’s the first sign that this timber and ranching town is like few others.  A combination of hot rocks and water like those that created Yellowstone’s geysers have been tapped by the city to keep the sidewalks toasty since the early 1990s. They also heat downtown buildings, kettles at a brewhouse, and greenhouses and keep the lights on at a college campus.


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Norway’s Turbine City Concept Should Be The Future of Energy and Tourism

Wind Farm_norway12_01
Norway is blowing away other countries in wind power.
Norway already boasts the world’s first floating wind turbine, and is apparently the windiest coastline in Europe, making it perfect for even more turbines. Or a turbine city, like On Office’s proposal which shows a stunning vision of the future.The Turbine City concept from the architectural firm not only harnesses all that valuable wind, it also shows a smart tourism scheme housing a hotel, spa and museum.

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Windside Wind Turbines: Works of Art Incorprated Into Ecological Structures


Earth Centre

The Windside Wind Turbine is a vertical wind turbine based on sailing engineering principles. The turbine rotor is rotated by two spiral-formed vanes. First tests were made in Southern Finland in both inland and marine environments. Laboratory wind tunnel tests were also made. For over twenty years Windside have continued to research, test and develop battery charging systems of varying size and class in conjunction with development of its own wind turbine toward larger and more efficient models. (Pics)


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Optiwind: Wind Turbine For High Density, Low Wind Areas


Traditional three-blade turbines are great if you have lots of space to play with, but the Optiwind Compact Wind Accelerating Turbine is ideal for high-density, low-wind areas. The turbine’s series of small, five bladed fans funnel in wind and accelerate it, thereby cranking up wind speeds to generate more power.

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WindCube: Rooftop Wind Turbine

WindCube: Rooftop Wind Turbine


Generating power by free methods is the Holy Grail for the green power movement. For consumers it could one day mean that we get power for our homes and gadgets for free from the sun or the wind. Wind power is controversial because the massive wind turbines are ugly and make the area where they are installed look bad to some people.

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Vertical Wind Turbine


Imagine spending your life savings on an invention you are sure will someday be successful, even if skeptics think it is impossible. It’s pretty risky right? Well Adam Fuller from Racine, Wisconsin has done this very thing. He has spent his life savings designing an invention he believes in, a vertical wind turbine. Will it work?

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