Twenty-seven significant social media statistics and facts for 2012

350 million plus users suffer from “Facebook addiction syndrome”

The social media landscape has been evolving at a rapid pace over the last few years.  It has also become more fun with the addition of Instagram and Pinterest. (Infographic)



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Social media in the workplace – Is anyone actually working?

Everyone spends their time discussing the work they should be doing rather than actually doing it.

It seems like almost everyone is social today.  Every minute, Twitter users average 100,000 tweets, Facebook users post 684,478 pieces of content, Tumblr blog owners publish 27,778 new posts and Flickr users add 3,125 new photos. Facebook and Twitter are great tools for connecting and communicating with people in our social lives, or for brands communicating with customers, the real value of pure-play social tools as standalone applications within a business has yet to be proven.




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Legitimate e-book lending site taken down by angry authors

A pack of digital authors ganged up on a useful site that connected e-book consumers and shut them down.

The process of lending an e-book is complicated and much of it is a result of conflicting DRM locks and platforms as well as a reluctance on the part of publishers to allow their books to be loaned. But authors can also be a roadblock when it comes to lending, and we’ve just had a classic example of how that can happen with the brouhaha over LendInk, a service that allowed readers to connect with others in order to share e-books. The site has effectively been put out of business by a virtual lynch mob of authors claiming it breached their rights, even though what it was doing was perfectly legal.



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The challenge of media alignment

Twitter has the opportunity to become extraordinarily aligned with their best users.

Advertisers are the actual customer of the TV networks – not the viewers.  Both of these groups had similar goals for a long time.  Viewers wanted shows they wanted to watch and advertisers wanted lots of viewers to watch these shows.  So the TV networks used ratings as a proxy for advertiser happiness and there wasn’t much of a problem.



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New tech boom in San Francisco brings jobs but also worries

tech boom

Twitter and other tech start-ups are gravitating toward San Francisco.

Twitter will be moving into its new headquarters in downtown San Francisco this month.  It will occupy three floors of an 11-story 1937 Art Deco building that has sat shuttered for five years. Outside, its blue bird logo will replace the former main tenant’s sign, whose analog clocks remain frozen at 9:18, 4:33 and other times past.

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Social media role in police investigations growing

police using facebook

88 percent of law enforcement agencies use social media to investigate crimes.

Cincinnati police investigators stumbled upon an online video last year showing an act of armed robbery, helpfully taped by the perpetrators themselves.  The city’s Real Time Crime Center analysts found the footage on a Facebook page while using the popular social-media site to investigate another crime. The suspects were eventually arrested.

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Twitter to musicians: share Tweet-friendly media, and skip the publicists

twitter-music 54678

Tweet-friendly media can now be shared by musicians.

As South by Southwest transforms from a massive tech party to a massive music festival, Twitter has unveiled Twitter for Musicians and Artists, a page offering tips on how musicians can use the service to connect with their fans.

Even if you’re not a world-famous musician, many of the suggestions will be pretty familiar…

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Twitter to censor tweets on a country-by-country basis


Some Twitter users are planning to go all of Saturday without tweeting to show their displeasure.

There are fears of Twitter censorship among bloggers and activists from China, the Middle East and Latin America as new Twitter policies could allow governments to censor messages, stifling free expression.

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