232 million people live outside their home country

Nearly two-thirds of all international migrants live in Europe and Asia.

New data released by the United Nations shows that 232 million people, or 3.2 percent of the world’s population, live outside of their countries of birth. This global diaspora has big implications as countries try to balance growth with unease over outsiders. So where are all of these people anyway? And are they helping or hurting their new homes?



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South Sudan: Building a country from scratch


Florence Martin-Kessler, a documentary filmmaker and Anne Poiret, a filmmaker and investigative journalist embarked on the first of four trips to Juba in 2011.  Juba is the soon-to-be capital of South Sudan.  Their mission was to follow he “state builders.”  The state builders are the people in the South Sudanese government and in the United Nations who would be on the front line of implementing, step by step, a road map for the world’s newest state.




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U.S. officials warn that United Nations could seize the internet


United Nations

U.S. officials testified on Thursday before the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology saying several emerging countries are rallying behind a campaign to have the International Telecommunications Union, the U.N.’s global standards body for telecommunications, declare the Internet a global telecommunications system. Led by China, Russia, India and now Egypt, which recently launched its own proposal, such a move would allow state-owned telephone networks to expand into VoIP. It would also give them the opportunity to charge fees for Internet service – and put the Internet at the mercy of international politics.

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