World’s first practical flying car


Dreamers and aviation geeks have been fascinated by the idea of a flying car ever since humans first got off the ground with powered flight. There are obvious advantages to the concept: the “go anywhere, anytime” freedom of an automobile without any of the traffic congestion that terrestrial drivers face on a daily basis. (Photos)



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Urbee II – 3D printed car drives toward mass production


While major car manufacturers are exploring 3D printing for prototyping car parts, it’s inevitable that a road-worthy 3D printed car is not too far into the future.  Thanks to KOR EcoLogic the future of 3D printed cars could arrive soon. KorEcoLogic has teamed with Stratasys’s RedEye On Demand 3D printing business unit to fabricate a lightweight electric car that could take to the streets in about two years.



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Race to build the world’s first driverless car: Infographic

Do you think driverless cars will operate in the real world?  Several manufacturers are now in a race to build the world’s first driverless car.  It appears that Google currently has the highest chance of developing the technology and software to make this a reality.




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Silicon Valley is winning the autonomous car race

America’s Independent Electric Light and Power Companies magazine ad from 1957.

A 1957 ad shows a family playing a game in their car as it cruises down a highway, its steering wheel unattended. “One day your car may speed along an electric super- highway, its speed and steering automatically controlled by electronic devices embedded in the road,” reads the copy. “Highways will be made safe — by electricity! No traffic jams … no collisions … no driver fatigue.”



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Drone with terrifying claw for grabbing objects at high speed


American military drones engaged in combat across the world are certainly scary most days.  But some days, swarms of little drones are scarier.  Then there are days where it’s drones with really high-resolution cameras.  Or maybe drones deployed by Homeland Security.




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Urbee – World’s first 3D printed car ready for production

The Urbee – a 3D printed car.

This is 2013, and you probably won’t be surprised to hear that someone was using 3D printers to make a car.  In this case, the car is the Urbee, a tiny three=wheeled economy car with an electric motor, internal combustion engine, and a 3D printed frame.




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The P45 – world’s tiniest car makes the driver look like a LEGO astronaut


Jeremy Clarkson, host of the BBC show Top Gear, unveils the world’s tiniest car, the P45, which he apparently designed himself. A takeoff on the Peel P50, the P45 has the drive train of a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle, but all the turn signals, lights, and license plates needed to make it street-legal in the United Kingdom. With a helmet for a roof, a visor for a windshield, and no side doors, the contraption calls to mind a Cozy Coupe crossed with a LEGO spaceman, and turns out to be only slightly more roadworthy.


NTSA wants black boxes in cars in 2014

The black boxes will be able to record all sorts of information about a vehicle.

The National Transportation Safety Agency is proposing that all new automobiles sold in the US after September of 2014 will be required to be equipped with event data recorders. The recorders are somewhat like the black boxes that are found inside aircraft.



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