DeepFlight Super Falcon flying submarine

DeepFlight Super Falcon

The DeepFlight Super Falcon (DFSF) is a sleek vehicle that flies, but it’s not flying in the air, it’s flying through the water. It is shaped like a stout fighter jet with two stubby 8.8-feet wide “wings” at each side, with a super slim chassis and domed semicircle waterproof windows. The 20.11 feet DFSF soars through water instead of simply sinking like traditional submarines. (Video)



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Toyota’s i-Road EV concept enters production


At the Geneva Auto Show earlier this year, Toyota showed up with a three-wheeled escape pod of an electric vehicle called the i-Road. At the time Toyota declared the diminutive vehicle production-ready.  Not many “production-ready” concept cars ever actually see the light of day, but as it turns out, in the case of the i-Road Toyota has already begun producing the slick little vehicles. (Photos)



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Google files patent for gesture-controlled car

Google wants you to gesture when you drive.

Google wants to take advantage of our ability to make gestures. Google will be able to read and decipher any number of gesture commands by mounting a camera in your car’s ceiling and a laser in your dashboard. Swiping downward near your window will roll it down for you, while pointing to the radio will pump up the music.



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Continental and IBM to collaborate on connected car solutions for auto makers

German automotive supplier Continental has entered into a collaboration agreement with technology giant IBM.

At the Frankfurt IAA International Auto Show this week, Continental AG and IBM announced a collaboration agreement to jointly develop fully-connected mobile vehicle solutions for car manufacturers around the world.


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Uber to purchase 2,500 driverless cars from Google

Uber has committed to invest up to $375 million for a fleet of Google’s GX3200 vehicles.

News from the Future – July 25, 2023:  The local transportation and delivery giant, Uber, has announced as part of its second quarter earnings, saying it would buy 2,500 driverless cars from Google. The two companies have agreed to a deal in which Uber will share data from its local transportation services with Google, which will use it to further improve its own autonomous car-routing algorithms.



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90% of cars will be connected by 2020

Hands-free driving.

Many people dream of owning an autonomous car where they can relax with completely hands-free driving that is both seamless and safe, unlocking new time for us to work, talk, and learn while going from point A to point B.  According to a recent report from Telefónica Digital found the percentage of cars with built-in connectivity will jump from 10 percent today to 90 percent by 2020.



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Mobileye raises $400 million to help put self-driving cars on the road before Google

Mobileye is competing with Google in the space of driverless technology.

Mobileye, a self-driving car startup, announced the closing of a $400M financing round by firms BlackRock, Fidelity Management, Wellington Management, Sailing Capital and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The round makes Mobileye the highest valued, privately held tech company in Israel with a total market value estimated at $1.5B.

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World’s first solar-powered family car

Stella, solar-powered family car.

Eindhoven University of Technology students  have unveiled what they claim to be the world’s first solar-powered family car.  The vehicle is called Stella and it resembles a squashed, wingless airplane. The vehicle can seat four people and can travel up to 600 kilometers, powered by solar panels mounted on the roof.



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