Luna Wash cleans dirty clothes right in the hamper


Luna Wash

It doesn’t matter if you live in a sprawling mansion or a tiny apartment, one thing is for sure, you know laundry day will be a long and laborious task.  But a new concept washing machine, developed for this year’s Electrolux Design Challenge, aims to change that. This is the Luna Wash, the in-hamper washing machine.



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GiraDora – a foot-powered washing machine that will change millions of lives

GiraDora – a foot-powered washing machine.

Two design students named Alex Cabunoc and Ji A You traveled from their homes in Los Angeles to Cerro Verde, a 30,000 person slum outside of Lima about a year ago. As students in the celebrated Design Matters program at Art Center College of Design, which focuses on social innovation, they had come to Cerro Verde as part of a special studio called Safe Agua Peru. Their goal? Develop a commercial product that alleviates issues related to water poverty, targeted at people who earn between $4 and $10 a day. (Video)



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NASA plans first space washing machine that could microwave laundry

 space washing machine

A space laundry machine designed by UMPQUA (left) and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin walks on the surface of the Moon (right).

What  if you could put dirty clothes into a washing machine, leave, and only coming back once the freshly cleaned clothes have been dried out by microwaves.  That out-of-this-world-laundry concept could someday become a reality for astronauts and space explorers headed for the moon, asteroids or Mars.


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Washing machine and arcade combo


Looks like a winner!

UK’s Kingston University design student Lee Wei Chen realized that the skills he developed playing a lot of video games are practically useless in real life, so he set out to do something about it.

Behold, the washing machine/arcade combo, where the likelihood of getting your clothes cleaned depends on your ability to play the game…

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Bird Washing Machine Cleans Oil Covered Birds in 7 Minutes


It’s no question that animals – particularly birds – are being severely impacted by the Deepwater oil leak. The oil has already reached shorelines, and marine birds are getting coated. Last week, David asked how a bird covered in oil gets cleaned. Turns out, it’s a painstaking and time consuming process that can seriously stress out birds. But what if we could just stick birds in a washing machine that cleans them in only seven minutes? A major oil company took the liberty of creating just such a machine.


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Next Generation Super-Efficient Washing Machine


In Japan, Sanyo is not only known as a maker of home electronics and rechargeable batteries, but also as a maker of home appliances. Their Aqua AWD-AQ4000, which will go on sale in Japan ONLY on June 1 [JP], is the fourth in a series of washing machines that feature a built-in ozone generator to deodorize and disinfect laundry.

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Automatic Human Washing Machine

Automatic Human Washing Machine

Avant’s Santelubain 999 Automatic Human Washing Machine

All of us who see bathing and showering as an inefficient practice, and have been waiting for a technical innovation to make it still more effortless, could feel delighted with the introduction of the Avant’s Santelubain 999, an automatic human washing machine. Best introduction for salons etc. a user on slipping into the washing machine has a plethora of things to use and chose from only at a touch of a button, which makes this an eye-grabber wherever it is.

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