Scientists create cyborg rose


Swedish scientists are taking the futuristic idea of plant cyborgs and making the leap from science fiction to real-world science. They have been working on ways to regulate plant growth, using electronic wires grown inside the plants own nutrient channels to host sensors and drug-delivery systems. The aim is to provide just the right amount of plant hormones at just the right time. Such efforts could provide even more precise human control over plant production and agriculture.

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20% of adults in the U.S. don’t use the internet

Around 20% of American adults who do not use the Internet at home, work and school, or by mobile device.

There has been a $7 billion effort by the Obama administration to increase internet access throughout the country. Perhaps most staggering, though, is that almost 20 percent of American adults still don’t use the internet at home, work, school, or through a mobile device — a statistic that has generally remained the same since 2009.



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Wired magazine brings in 50% of its ad revenue from the web

The 50 percent digital revenue share also didn’t come as a result of a decline in print advertising sales.

One of the first big magazines devoted to technology and the internet is Wired.  Half of Wired magazine’s ad revenue was generated from the internet in Q4 2012.  This is a first for the magazine.



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