Cubicles are the worst: Study

Workers in cubicles with high partitions were the most miserable.

Is your work station an invading overlord? Do your belongings march across the long desk you share with other workers, spilling out of your space and encroaching on the neutral zones abutting your colleagues’ work areas? Don’t worry, thanks to recent research by Jungsoo Kim and Richard de Dear at the University of Sydney, that mess probably doesn’t bother your coworkers all that much. In fact, of all the myriad annoyances of office life, workspace cleanliness bothered scarcely 10% of workers — although workers in offices where there are no partitions, coworkers were bothered slightly more.



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BendDesk – A Futuristic Curved Multi-Touch Workspace


The BendDesk

The Media Computing Group — otherwise known as the dudes and dudettes responsible for making multitouch hip again — is back, and some might say better than ever. The BendDesk is an outlandish new concept workspace for the future, relying heavily on a curved multitouch display to bring the wow. (Video)


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The Vault – A Rising Trend in Coworking


Ted Wahler, left, and Dave Taylor take advantage of the workspace in the Vault.

Five kids, a wife and two dogs make for a very nice home, but they don’t make for a very nice home office.

Telecommunications attorney Erik Cecil learned that the hard way, as he tried to conduct business with clients and administrative law judges while chaos unfolded around him at his Rock Creek house in Superior. (Pics)


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Software That Gives A Sense Of Touch In The Virtual Environment

Software That Gives A Sense Of Touch In The Virtual Environment 

Being a human, you feel; so do I. However, software can also feel! Surprised, one might be. But this is a reality, as an Edinburgh-based company has just launched an incredible software technology by the name of Cre8. Now, what is implausible about this is that it has an interactive interface, which means the creators, designers or artists interact and even can manipulate the content in a virtual 3D workspace using the sense of touch technology.

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The Jelly Box: Workspace For The 21st Century

Jelly Box:  Workspace For The 21st Century 

Ever think about what it would be like to see the world from inside a Jell-O mold? Looking like a Jell-O mold, but calling itself the Jelly Box, this new workspace is now on display at the Truman Brewery during London 2008 Design Week. This clever design by architect David Hingamp of the London firm Archic, has just been named runner up in the 2008 Urbantine Project.

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