Mutant worm created that can’t get drunk


Genetically engineered worms could ultimately lead to anti-drunk pills for humans.

A team of researchers recently made a genetic tweak to worms’ brains that made it impossible for them to get drunk. More specifically, the scientists modified the worms’ genes so that a molecular channel that binds alcohol to their brains would no longer work. And humans have a similar molecular channel.



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Worm Regenerates Entire Body from a Single Cell

wormy 111

Asexual fission from one cell?

Planarians, a type of flatworm, reproduce by asexual fission. Cut one in half, and the missing parts will regrow until you have two planarians. Scientists have known for a while that the regeneration took place among a cluster of cells called cNeoblasts. Some wondered if was possible to grow an entire worm from a single such cell, and so performed an experiment…

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Huge Sea Worm Captured


Be the coolest kid on the block with one of these wonderful creature slithering around in your aquarium

Staff at a British aquarium have captured a massive sea worm that had been terrorizing other aquatic life.
For months, the 4-foot-long creature — which staffers call “Barry” — had been devastating coral reef at Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium, the Daily Mail newspaper reported Tuesday. The menacing monster also apparently injured a Tang fish. Continue reading… “Huge Sea Worm Captured”


2008 International Science And Engineering Visualization Challenge

2008 International Science And Engineering Visualization Challenge 

 “Glass Forest”

The 2008 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge has just concluded with some pretty astonishing imagery in the winning slots. This picture, dubbed “Glass Forest,” is a scanning electron micrograph of diatoms (weird unicellular algae) clinging to a marine worm, and won the photography category: to my eyes it looks half like a palm tree and half like a Star Trek effect. The illustration category winner is even more amazing.

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The Sex Life of Slugs Hots Up the Internet


Rare footage of two slugs mating from a nature documentary

No, we’re not talking about software bugs (though those viruses can indeed still rear their heads), but good old insects. There are, naturally, numerous scientifically minded sites like throughout the Web, but insects are also finding staring roles in the online entertainment world.

As is true with so much on the Internet, sex is what’s generating interest.

More than three million people have watched a YouTube video documenting the mating rituals of leopard slugs whereby two entwined slugs suspend themselves from a branch and fertilise each other in mid-air.
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Frightening New Face of Evil – The Screw Worm

Frightening New Face of Evil - The Screw Worm

 The country of Yemen is experiencing a huge coastal outbreak of the evil screw worm

Screw worm females go after bare flesh, laying 250-300 eggs in a host. When you feel that itch, whatever you do, don’t scratch it. The reason why they’re called screw worms is that the maggots will only burrow deeper, causing tissue damage and even death.

Once hatched, the maggots feed off the live flesh and fall down to the ground, where they pupate. The pupae reach adulthood 7 days later. They can then mate and lay over 4,000 eggs. They can also fly 125 miles, bringing their offspring and the plague inland.

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