YouTube videos account for 22% of all global mobile bandwidth consumed


Close to a quarter of all global mobile bandwidth is consumed by people watching YouTube videos, according to a new report from network management vendor Allot Communications. The Google-owned video site’s global bandwidth share was 22 percent in the first half of 2011, compared with just 17 percent in the first half of 2010. YouTube now accounts for 52 percent of all global mobile video streaming, according to Allot.


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YouTube Users Upload 48 Hours of Video Every Minute


YouTube has come a long way from its first video showing founder Jawed Karim at the zoo.

This month, YouTube is celebrating its sixth birthday and has released some statistics in honor of the event that cement what we already know — people are really into online video.


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Eric Whitacre’s Powerful Virtual Choir – ‘Lux Aurumque’


Via YouTube

Composer Eric Whitacre has put together the Virtual Choir.  He combined 185 seperate singers from 12 different countries recorded independently and combined them into a single performance.  All were conducted by the composer through a prerecorded conductor track on YouTube.


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Employers Want You to Control Your Cybermouth


John Galliano, the famed Dior fashion designer, lost his job after a drunken anti-Semitic tirade he made was captured on video and ended up on YouTube.

Once upon a time you could make a drunken rant at a bar, write about your secret passions at home, or complain about your manager to friends after work, and your boss would never know about it. But today, thanks to social media, all bets are off.


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Judge Allows Sony’s Request For Identifying Information For Anyone Who Visited Hacker’s Sites

PS3 slimcode1

Sony is aiming at hackers.

This is a rather disturbing turn of events. Federal Magistrate Joseph Spero has approved a request by Sony to subpoena the hacker GeoHot’s web host, as well as YouTube, Google, and Twitter, for identifying information on anyone who has accessed, commented, or viewed information relating to thehack. At best this is lazy on Sony’s part and irresponsible on Magistrate Spero’s, and at worst it is a deliberate and malicious wholesale violation of privacy.

The pretense for this wildly overreaching action is that Sony needs this information to prove the case should be tried in San Francisco, in federal court and close to Sony’s headquarters. Why? Because it’s in Sony’s terms of service. This after another judgenoted previously that by Sony’s standards, “the entire universe would be subject to [her] jurisdiction.”

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YouTube Enlists Help for Music Rights Management


YouTube gets help keeping up on all the music it deals with.

YouTube has just sealed a deal with RightsFlow, a music publishing rights management company.

RightsFlow today announced an agreement with YouTube to assist with music rights management. The deal allows YouTube to enlist RightsFlow’s help in processing and managing music rights, and it should help the online video company to make rights administration a lot faster and simpler, which would in turn drive royalties for rights-holders, including publishers and songwriters…

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