The Electric Networked Vehicle (EN-V) was unveiled at the Las Vegas Convention Center

Car designers have come up with the perfect solution for all those motorists tired of traffic jams and lack of parking spaces.


The two-seat EN-V (Electric-Networked Vehicle) is designed to alleviate those common driver concerns – as well as address environmental issues, energy consumption and affordability.

And amazingly you don’t even need to be in the driving seat to achieve all this.

The EN-V from General Motors can rotate 360 degrees and be driven in manual mode with a driver – or without.

The General Motors concept runs on battery power for about 25 miles on a charge, with top speeds of 25 miles-per-hour.

The only downside to this pint-sized vehicle is its’ inability to withstand a collision with a full-sized vehicle.

Cities could, however, create EN-V-only lanes, or alternatively, create enclosed areas solely used by the vehicle.

There is no timeframe yet for when the EN-V will be on the market.

Via Daily Mail