The screening system will filter passengers according to risk and scan and ’sniff’ them as they walk through it.

A new and highly sophisticated airport security check system is planned to be launched by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).  The screening system will probably redefine the future of pre-flight security check conventions.


Considering the growing number of people who travel by air everyday and keeping in mind important security issues, this technology will ensure smooth and effective functioning of security check systems within airports. Basically the commuters will quickly pass through an electronic sniffing zone. The idea is to scan people and categorize them into high risk, less risk, and the least risk channels. Advanced X-ray, liquid detection system, etc. will add to the full proof security system.

Among the positives of having such a security system in place, the most important is that the time taken to pass through multiple security check zones, immigration, etc. will be reduced to a minimum. As a result passengers will not have to queue for long hours before getting into a flight.


As Ken Dunlap, global director for security and travel facilitation at IATA stated, “It’s the future we envision about five to seven years from now.” The idea is to ease the process of air travel and not treat every passenger who sets foot at the airport as a potential troublemaker or a terrorist.

It is estimated that by the end of year 2050, about 16 billion people will travel by air frequently. Therefore, it is imperative that such a technology is in place so that it causes minimum trouble to the airport authorities and commuters. The system will allow for both custom and immigration formalities to be completed at a single station. This will allow passengers to indulge in duty free shopping and relax instead of frayed nerves and standing in seemingly never ending queues.

Via Gizmowatch