Body Labs 3D body scanning could find applications in everything from fashion to fitness

body labs

Body Labs 3D body scan.

Manhattan-based startup Body Labs wants to 3D scan human bodies. But unlike scanning a piece of furniture, your body changes, and a scan today won’t be exactly the same as a scan made three weeks ago. That is exactly what Body Labs is counting on. Body Labs is exploring just one of its technology’s applications to build a happier, healthier you by tracking your body’s subtle changes.



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We’re heading towards a future where brain scans replace the SAT

brain blue333333333333

No memorization will be necessary in the future.

Imagine if the extent your natural intelligence could be determined with a simple scan where you’d have to do nothing at all. What if it became the new standard for college admissions. Deterministic as it may seem, at least we wouldn’t have anymore goddamn vocab flash cards to memorize.

According to Duke University professor Jonathan Wai, writing in Psychology Today, there’s been a study conducted at UC Irvine since 1988, in which test subjects were put through various aptitude tests while conducting brain scans. What they discovered is the smartest patients required less brain power to accomplish a task. Efficiency!

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New Airport Scanning Technology Will Electronically Scan and Sniff Passengers


The screening system will filter passengers according to risk and scan and ’sniff’ them as they walk through it.

A new and highly sophisticated airport security check system is planned to be launched by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).  The screening system will probably redefine the future of pre-flight security check conventions.

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Baby Gives Thumbs-Up in the Womb in Amazing Hospital Scan


The baby gave the thumbs-up sign in the 20-week scan.

Marie Boswell, 35, says friends and family have been amazed by her son’s distinctive ‘ok’ sign in the 20-week scan taken at Wythenshawe Hospital.  Marie, of Wythenshawe, Manchester, said: “It’s really funny, the thumb is so clear – we can’t believe it.

Woman Unable To Recognise Voices Gives New Insights Into The Human Brain

visible_human_head_brain 321

Is another mystery of the human mind unravelling?

The successful British businesswoman, who is normal in every other way, is the first known case of someone being born with developmental phonagnosia, which leaves her unable to recognise even the voices of her own family.

Her condition is so profound that she often avoids using the telephone and struggles to identify people speaking on the radio.

Neuroscientists have now performed a series of tests and brain scans while asking her to listen to a range of recorded voices…

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Extraordinary Scans Reveal What Being Fat Does to Your Body


scan of body fatscan of body

The obese woman on the left has fat around her organs (shown by the yellow areas) and an enlarged heart which can have dire consequences on her health

Carrying extra pounds may not look attractive from the outside, but it’s been difficult to understand precisely the havoc it wreaks on your insides – until now.  Here, in a pair of astonishing pictures, we can see exactly what being overweight does to the organs, bones and muscles. These images of two women were taken by a magnetic resonance imaging (MRIRI) scanner and reveal in horrifying detail the obesity effect.


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ASPEX Kicks Off “Name That Sample! Campaign


What do you think ASPEX scanned this time?  Make your guess at Name that Sample!

Because of the huge success ASPEX has had with  “Send Us Your Sample” campaign … they are asking everyone to help them NAME THAT SAMPLE!  ASPEX is the world’s only SEM Elemental Analysis company that allows anyone to send in their sample to get scanned by our SEM.  Now ASPEX in their newest campaign, “Name That Sample” in which they put up a sample on their blog and the winner who guesses the right answer, or closest, receives a brand new Netbook!  No strings attached. 


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Finland Postal Service To Open Mail And Send Scanned e-Mail Copies




Finland’s postal service is to begin opening household mail and sending scanned copies of letters by email to cut down on costs and pollution. Not even the most intimate love letters, payslips, overdue bills and other personal messages will be spared under the controversial scheme.

The service, aimed at cutting the number of postmen and reducing CO2 emissions in the sparsely-populated country, is being offered on a voluntary basis initially. Volunteers will receive an email or a mobile phone text message as soon as their paper mail has been opened, scanned and sent as an electronic image to a secure digital mailbox, to which only the intended recipient has access.

The “highly automated” process of converting of letters into electronic documents will be conducted in “special, secured premises” where staff are bound by strict confidentiality obligations…

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