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Eyez video recording glasses

A Seattle-based startup, ZionEyez, has created a pair of spy glasses that are capable of recording and sharing HD video discreetly. The Eyez video recording glasses come equipped with a 720p HD recording camera, microphone and 8 GB flash memory. The glasses have up to three hours of battery life and can share information tirelessly with both the Bluetooth and WiFi standards. (video)


When users pair their special glasses with an iPhone or Android-based smartphone the system can transmit the video directly to the web. If users do not want to stream the video users can save the video and export it through a microUSB port that is hidden on the glasses.


The device is currently still in its prototype stage, and since the company has not chosen a final piece of hardware for the recording device, no sample of the quality of the video recording is available at this time, though they do promise that the camera will be able to record in high definition, at 1280x720p.

Of course, the use of a device such as this one in the real world may raise some legal issues, depending on how it is used. A user on a public street may be fine, but inside someone’s home or recording and broadcasting a person without their consent could be a different issue completely.


When the glasses go on sale they will retail for $200. Users who take advantage of the current pre-order on Kickstarter will get a $50 discount on the price.

Via Physorg