Eyez – HD Video Recording Spy Glasses

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Eyez video recording glasses

A Seattle-based startup, ZionEyez, has created a pair of spy glasses that are capable of recording and sharing HD video discreetly. The Eyez video recording glasses come equipped with a 720p HD recording camera, microphone and 8 GB flash memory. The glasses have up to three hours of battery life and can share information tirelessly with both the Bluetooth and WiFi standards. (video)


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Video Glasses Can Stream Everything You Do to Social Media Sites


But how much do we actually want to see?

Video cameras and wireless technology have gotten so small, now developers at ZionEyez in Seattle are working on Eyez, a pair of glasses with a tiny embedded video camera that can continuously record everything you see in 720p, transmitting it wirelessly to social media sites for all to see…

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