Estrogen protects women from heart attacks.

Why are women said to be less vulnerable to heart attacks as compared to men? Well, it’s the sex hormone estrogen which protects females, says a new study.

Researchers at the University of London have found that this naturally occurring chemical helps stop blood cells sticking to the walls of arteries and forming potentially fatal blockages.

They say their findings may explain why women are far more likely to suffer heart attacks after the menopause, when their estrogen levels decline.

Dr Suchita Nadkarni, who led the study, was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying, “We’ve shown a clear relationship between estrogen levels and the behaviour of these white blood cells.

“Our results suggest that estrogen helps maintain the delicate balance between fighting infections, and protecting arteries from damage that can lead to cardiovascular disease. Understanding how the body fights heart disease naturally is vital for developing new treatments.”

Photo credit: Top News

Via Times of India