Pizza a vegetable in schools.

The fight against childhood obesity has been dealt a blow.  The U.S. House of Representatuves passed a bill that abandons proposals that threatened to end the reign of pizza and French fries on federally funded school lunch menus.

The scuttled changes, which would have stripped pizza’s status as a vegetable and limited how often French fries could be served, stemmed from a 2010 child nutrition law calling on schools to improve the nutritional quality of lunches.

The action is a win for the makers of frozen French fries and pizza and comes just weeks after food, beverage and restaurant industries successfully weakened government proposals for voluntary food marketing guidelines to children.

“It’s an important victory,” said Corey Henry, spokesman for American Frozen Food Institute. “Our concern is that the standards would force companies to change their products in a way that would make them unpalatable to students,” Henry said.

Photo credit:  Apropos of Something

Via Times of India