The future of learning environments

learning environment

Architects rely on the teachers and the school administrators’ feedback regarding their work environment.

Moa Dickmark offers her insights into the future of pedagogy and learning environments, an issue that raises various questions around the world. Here, she shares her vision for learning spaces in the future, how to go about developing them, and why she believes that students and teachers should have a say and be a part of the development and implementation process.



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Photographer Jake Naughton documents the struggle to provide girls an education in Kibera

In Kibera, a division of Nairobi, Kenya, girls there don’t have much of a shot at an education. Kenya is still very patriarchal, and if a family has both boys and girls, it’s the boys who will be granted the opportunity to attend secondary school. (Photos)



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iPad Trolley

IL CES Direct Feed

sync bar 23423

Charge, move, sync and store multiple iPads with ease.

Here’s something that every school and library will soon have in one form or another. An iPad Trolley is a storage container that provides security for the devices both from theft as well as gravity. It also charges and can sync information to the stored units…

Article by Andrew Frey with Thomas Frey reporting directly from CES in Las Vegas

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64% of Americans say parents do not put enough pressure on students

parents and students

Most Americans (64%) say that parents are not putting enough pressure on their children to do well in school as U.S. students are underperforming on international tests.  By contrast, 68% of the Chinese public take the opposite position and say that parents in their country are putting too much pressure on their children to succeed academically.


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Straight-A students live longer: study


Straight-A students live longer.

Straight A students may live longer, according to the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study.  The Wisconsin Longitudinal Study has been following more than 10,000 people who graduated from Wisconsin high schools in 1957. Those students who finished in the top 25 percent of their high school class were healthier, decades later, than the ones who finished in the bottom quarter.


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Do Teachers Have the Right to Video Record Distruptive Students?


Does a teacher have the right to make a video recording of students without their permission and what privacy rights does a student have in school?

 Where do we draw the line at which public video recording becomes an invasion of privacy?  Even as cell-phone cameras and handheld video recorders proliferate,  public video recording is still murky in the eyes of the law.


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