Domino’s has already outperformed every tech stock, now robots will deliver its pizzas

Over the last decade, the stock price of Domino’s Pizza has crushed that of Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook mainly because it stopped making pizza that tasted like cardboard. Now it’s innovating on the labor front with plans to test robots as substitutes for your friendly pizza delivery guy. “With our growth plans over the next five to 10 years, we simply won’t have enough delivery drivers if we do not look to add to our fleet through initiatives such as this,” Domino’s chief executive said in a statement announcing the pilot program.

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Domino’s tests pizza delivery drone


Is Dominos pizza-delivering drone just a publicity stunt, or a tantalizing look at the future of food delivery? The eight-bladed DomiCopter may be a little impractical given it needs a skilled pilot, but eventually autonomous drones will be capable of delivering a piping hot pizza in mere minutes since they’re able to avoid traffic, stop lights, and speed limits.

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NASA awards grant for 3D food printer, starts with pizza


Watch the grant-winning prototype print some synthesized chocolate.

NASA awards a $125,000 grant to Anjan Contractor, head of Systems & Materials Research Corporation, to develop a 3D food printer. Under the six-month grant, the first device Contractor plans to build is based on epRap’s open-source hardware and will be designed to print a pizza comprised of three layers of nutritional powders mixed with water and oil.



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In the Future, Your Car May Be Made of Mushrooms

mushroom power up

Video Games have long been using mushrooms as a source for power, energy and advancement.

In the future, mushrooms may be as common in cars as they are on pizza.

Believe it or not, scientists who are trying to find more sustainable ways to build car parts believe the answers may be found in things such as mushroom roots.

The newest episode of the PBS series “Nova,” which aired on Wednesday 2/2, focuses on the new discoveries that scientists such as Deborah Mielewski, the technical leader of plastics research at Ford Motor Co., are working on to reduce the carbon tire track that autos leave on the environment…

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