Online pinboard Pinterest is all the rage these days, and as Etsy is showing today with its latest product announcement, e-commerce sites are starting to realize the power of pinning. The e-commerce marketplace is making it easier for Pinterest users to pin and organize Etsy items, via a new Pin It button on Etsy listing pages, alongside the Tweet and Like buttons.

Etsy says that its members are big fans of Pinterest (and so is Etsy), so the integration makes sense. Etsy is also using Pinterest’s price display feature. So when you pin listings with the Pin It button, the required pin description field is prefilled with the item title and price. Users can also add a note about why they like the item, which will be added to their Pinterest posting…

As we’ve reported in the past, Pinterest encourages members to collect photos and links to products. Via these Pinboards, users are creating socially curated shopping catalogs, the social element comes in because everyone follows their friends’ pinboards.

Also, since Pinterest is still invite-only, Etsy users who don’t use the pinboard can sign up for the site here.

So why are e-commerce sites starting to catch on? Pinterest is collecting a ton of commercial intent and data (especially from women) and is in a position to know what types of products to recommend users or what types of content to show them in the future. And the platform has become a real destination to discover new products.

As e-commerce sites allow users to automatically pin items, this serves as another form of advertising and discovery for retailers on Pinterest. Considering the viral nature of Pinterest, it’s safe to assume more e-commerce sites are going to catch on and add Pin It buttons to their product pages.