Optimus Prime sent me to inform you that we have arrived.

Chinese artist Kefeng Zhu and his team of artists use heavy metal as their medium, and the results are pretty darn neat. His unofficial Transformers theme park is calledMr. Iron Robot, and it’s a big hit with kids from throughout the Zhejiang Province and beyond…

It took Kefeng and his team over 10 years to complete the sculptures, and the opening of the park on March 20, 2012 represents the culmination of a lifelong dream for Kefeng, and a new tourist destination for China.

The park houses 600 metal sculptures, which are made entirely of recycled scrap metal and various junked car parts, and they all look so cool that someone should create an animated series based around these guys, something like The Adventures Of Mr. Iron Robot Saving The World.

Link –via DesignTAXI