We have seen tough, stackable, easy-to-transport steel shipping containers used for everything from a traveling restaurant to a mobile classroom to an off-grid house. But now , the British company Snoozebox has come up with yet another clever use for them – a modular, scalable portable hotel system made up of multiple tiered containers, that can be set up anywhere within 48 hours. (Video and pics)

Each climate-controlled Snoozebox room features a double bed, wet room, flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, two power outlets, a safe, and key card entry. Maid service and a continental breakfast are also provided. Currently, there are four rooms in each container, although a couple of other options should be available soon – the company plans on offering larger Luxury rooms that each occupy half a container, along with cheaper five-per-container Budget rooms.


The containers themselves are standard ISO (International Organization for Standardization) size, meaning that they can be stacked and shipped anywhere by road, rail, air or water. The system includes its own infrastructure, so no electricity, water or sewage access is necessary. It can also be leveled by its installation crew, so absolutely flat terrain isn’t a requirement.


A complete staff is provided, so clients don’t need to run the hotel themselves. The smallest configuration of the system offers 40 rooms, while over 400 are possible.


The company suggests that clients could include festival organizers, car race teams (or other large groups that are constantly on the road), or even existing hotels that want to extend their capacity during peak season.




snoozebox 12

A virtual “fly-through” of the system can be seen in the video below.


Via Gizmag