One in 10 men use gaming consoles to watch online content.

When men are looking for entertainment they favoring their computers and not their televisions, according to “The Great Male Survey” conducted by from May to July 2012.


The poll, which surveyed 55,000 males in the US, UK, Australia and Canada, found that, during their nonwork time, half of respondents spent the most time with a computer. That was more than double the number (24%) that spent more time on a television. And smartphones were not far behind in the device popularity contest, with 21% of respondents saying that’s where most of their attention went during recreational hours.

Men’s preference for online content was also demonstrated in their use of web-enabled video game consoles. More than one in 10 also said they were taking advantage of consoles’ internet connectivity by using them as over-the-top devices to stream TV shows and movies. However, their most popular non-gaming use was to play DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

When it came to smartphones, the iPhone was the device of choice for guys. The survey found that 46% of respondents owned one of Apple’s devices, while 26% had a phone with Google’s Android OS installed. And BlackBerry still controlled 15% of the market share among men, although membership in this group is likely to dwindle given Research in Motion’s ongoing problems launching its awaited BlackBerry 10 OS.

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