CubeX 3D printer

3D printers are under constant pressure to become bigger, faster, and more powerful.  3D Systems is answering that call with its latest pair of 3D printers.




It’s first response to this pressure is the CubeX, a high-end printer capable of printing objects with a maximum volume of 1,070 inches — over double the capacity of devices like the MakerBot Replicator 2. This, as 3D Systems points out, means that you can print out objects as large as a regulation basketball (though who knows how long it would take to print out such a large object).

While the CubeX can print at resolutions as high as 125 microns (compared to the 100-micron Replicator), the most basic model can only print in one color at a time. For consumers looking for a more robust model, 3D Systems will also offer versions of the device capable of printing in two or three colors.

Alongside the CubeX, 3D Systems is also updating the lower-end Cube printer that it announced last year. The second-generation model offers slightly increased print speeds, and it can print in both ABS and PLA plastics. The Cube will run for $1,299 when it ships later this month.

3D Systems is showing off its new devices at CES, so we’re sure to hear more from it later in the week.

Via Venture Beat