Zboard electric skateboard

The electric skateboard Zboard skated into our hearts at the DEMO conference this spring, but now it has also conquered CES.



Zboard was the top choice at the ShowStoppers LaunchIt event today, which pitted six companies from the Eureka Park startup zone at CES against each other. The panel of judges chose what they deemed was the most investor-worthy startup. Intuitive Motion, the company that builds the skateboard, also announced that it’s seeking $750,000 in funding (that’s on top of the more than $278,000 it raised on Kickstarter last year.)

So far, Intuitive Motion has sold hundreds of Zboards, founder Ben Forman said today. The company offers two models, the Zboard Classic for $649, which has around 5 miles of range and a top speed of 15 miles per hour, and the Zboard Pro for $949. The Pro version uses lithium ion batteries, so it’s lighter and offers double the range.

Forman pointed out that Intuitive Motion owns the Zboard brand name internationally and domestically, and it has patents pending for certain elements of the device’s design. Both of those points likely played well with the panel of judges, which included investors from Las Vegas and the New York City Angels, as well as entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki.

Via Venture Beat