The Jetsons’ world of 3D print

When I was a kid I always wondered about how cool it would be if we could live in the world of the popular American animated sitcom The Jetsons. The show aired from 1962 to 1963, but the cartoon was set 100 years in the future. As it sometimes turns out with sci-fi stories, the future becomes reality. The Jetsons featured 3D printing, tablets, holograms, smart watches, flying cars and other strange inventions. While the flying cars may not have become a reality quite yet – they are testing drones as a method of delivery – I used to love the Jetsons’ food replicator that could churn out anything from asparagus to stroganoff. This now is a reality with companies like Foodini and CojoJet making it possible to create delicious 3D-printed entrées and desserts with the press of a button.

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Soon every doctor’s bag will contain a 3D printer



Disruptive technology in the medical profession provides a much cheaper and more comfortable way of providing care. There have been articles about what we can print out in 3D today from equipment and casts to biomaterials and drugs. The 3D4MD team just demonstrated a perfect example of how such a technology can deliver care in regions where the lack of resources is an everyday problem.

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A 3D printer that uses glass for ink

3D printed glass wow beautiful

A group of MIT scientists have recently 3D printed some spectacular glass creations.The glass sculptures were created by a group called Mediated Matter, led by Neri Oxman at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The color and transparency of the glass can be altered, as well as other properties such as how the glass reflects and refracts light.

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BioBots low-cost 3-D printer can make human organs and bones


At a Drexel University lab in Philadelphia, a desktop 3-D printer is printing miniature samples of bones. In Toronto, another researcher is using the same printer to make living tumors for drug testing. It looks like an ordinary 3-D printer, but instead of plastic, it squirts out living cells.


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World’s first 3D-printed office building announced in Dubai, and it looks amazing


It is a fair bet that most people’s workplace looks nothing like this.  We currently only have the architectural plans to go off, but the world’s first 3D-printed office building currently proposed for construction in Dubai looks pretty darn cool.   Continue reading… “World’s first 3D-printed office building announced in Dubai, and it looks amazing”

3D printed cars or jet engines are just the beginning


3D printing has had a lot of hype the last few years, but most recently, it seems this technology arena has entered the “trough of disillusionment,” as 3D printing stock prices have taken a hit.  But the technology is still early in its childhood and its potential for massive disruption (of manufacturing and supply chains) still lies before us.   Continue reading… “3D printed cars or jet engines are just the beginning”

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