Back To The Future 2 was the inspiration for the folks at Future Motion when they set out to build a new electric skateboard. Inventor Kyle Doerksen knew he didn’t have the Tony Stark-level genius it would take to actually whip up an actual hoverboard, but he still wanted to emulate the feeling the feel of riding one.



And so the Onewheel, an electric, self-balancing skateboard with a single, beefy go-kart wheel, was born. Riding the Onewheel is as simple as leaning in one direction or another. Lean forward and the Onewheel’s electric motor propels you onward. Lean back and you’ll put it in reverse. (You’ll probably want to find a good helmet and some nice kneepads.) Onewheel has a max speed of 12 miles per hour, which is pretty respectable for an electric skateboard.

The Onewheel has a range of just 4-6 miles, so unless you’ve got a fairly short commute, it might not be the best way to get to work. That said, the ability to carve across the pavement as if it were snow looks incredibly relaxing — and not too far from stepping onto a real hoverboard. That smooth ride is down to the in-wheel hub motor with only one moving part. Charging the motor can take as little as 20 minutes with the optional ultra charger. Onewheel is currently taking orders via a Kickstarter project, where you can pick up a standard unit for $1,299, with ultra charger units costing an extra $100.

Via Dvice