Onewheel – an electric, self-balancing skateboard

Back To The Future 2 was the inspiration for the folks at Future Motion when they set out to build a new electric skateboard. Inventor Kyle Doerksen knew he didn’t have the Tony Stark-level genius it would take to actually whip up an actual hoverboard, but he still wanted to emulate the feeling the feel of riding one.



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A self-balancing skateboard/Segway project

The twin wheeled skateboard works like a Segway.  Electric skateboards exist already with powered rear wheels, but the plan here was to build something like a Segway but in the form of a skateboard. It knows which way is “up” via a combination of gyroscope and and accelerometer sensors. (Videos)


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ZBoard – world’s first weight-sensing electric skateboard



ZBoard is laying claim to being the “world’s first weight-sensing electric skateboard.”   It delivers up to 400 watts of motor power via a simple, lean-and-go interface. The result is that riders will get up to 17 mph worth of speed without having to scuff their soles on the pavement. (Video)

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