changing workplace

Employers are adapting to the changing structure of the work environments

Today’s workplace is nothing like professional environments of the past, in part due to recent technology advances, and partly a result of the influence of the growing number of Millennials in the workforce . To meet these changes, employers are adapting not only their hiring practices but also the structure of the work environments.



Some examples:

  • Elance, an online staffing company, reported a 51% increase in businesses contracting work virtually in 2013
  • 91% of Millennial workers anticipate only spending 3 years or less at a particular company
  • In the US alone, 34 million workers telecommute

This infographic from shows how the face of the workplace is evolving. How will this affect your career? How will your job search strategy need to adapt? Should you consider looking for work in industries you might not have otherwise such as healthcare, construction and hospitality?

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Photo credit: Information Management

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