food printer

Print different shapes to encourage kids to eat healthy foods.

Food replicators used to be science fiction. But 3D food printers came along and started giving us things like chocolate on demand. But what about people who want to eat healthier food? Welcome Foodini, the world’s first 3D printer designed to print meals with fresh, nutritious ingredients. (Video)


The concept is simple. You first choose your recipe, whether it be sweet or savory, and decide what you want to eat. Then you prepare food for the Foodini’s capsules. Place the food in the capsules and then into the machine. A touchscreen on the front of the Foodini can then be used to configure the shape of your food and its printed layout. Hit print when you’re ready and your food pops out, ready for cooking (if required). Foodini will also have a website that allows you to download recipes to your machine, or you can create your own.

So not only does Foodini make healthy eating fun and high-tech, but it also makes it easy. Imagine perfect homemade ravioli at the push of a button. Or create instant heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cookies that only need baking. Imagine holiday meals simplified.

Restaurants can also benefit from Foodini. It not only decreases food prep time, but it also allows for imaginative food presentation thanks to its ability to print a variety of shapes.

Foodini is currently in the prototype stage, but can become a reality if its Kickstarter project reaches its $100,000 goal. To get your own Foodini, though, you’re going to have to donate the big bucks: the minimum pledge to get your own 3D food printer is $999. Considering retail price is around $1300 for the system, though, that’s not a bad deal.

Via Dvice