Diners more concerned about charging phones than eating good food at restaurants.

A new study by the British Hospitality Association has found that fussy diners are less interested in eating good food and more concerned about charging their iPhones.



The study found that phone charging facilities were top of diners demands when eating out, with nice food and good service scraping into the bottom of the top twenty.

“Naturally when I go out to eat I spend most of my time taking selfies, pictures of my dinner and then incessantly checking my phone to see how many likes and retweets my pictures get,” said one regular restaurant-goer.

“Clearly this leads to my phone’s battery running out pretty quickly, so these days I’ll only ever eat at places that have convenient charging facilities. That and really fast, free wifi are the main things I’m looking for in a good restaurant.”

“How else am I meant to complain about bad service if I can’t write a Yelp review right there and then?”

Photo credit: DineAbility

Via The Poke