Scientists think they might have finally cracked the cure for baldness, and in a fairly unusual way.

While traditional baldness ‘cures’ have tended to focus on lotions (think Homer Simpson), transplants (Wayne Rooney) or wigs (Trump?), new technology being developed by L’Oreal is using 3D printing.

Yep, 3D printing…it sounds very unusual, but the cosmetics firm and bioprinting company Poietis are hoping to use the technology to create hair follicles that can sprout new hair.

The new technique would see laser-assisted bioprinting produce biological tissue .

L’Oreal said the tissue created must then mature for three weeks before it can be used in tests.

The ‘ink’ used to create the tissue is based on cells taken from alopecia patients after hair surgery.

José Cotovio, director of the Predictive Methods and Models department at L’Oreal, said: ‘For L’Oréal, the combination of our respective areas of expertise opens up the possibility of previously unheard of achievements in the field of hair.

‘This research partnership is very stimulating for the Advanced Research teams.’

The new development follows the successful implant of complex skin cells with hair on skin earlier this year.

Image credit: PA/Giphy
Article via: Metro