Drones are used for a variety of tasks including the delivery of goods, the monitoring of areas, and now with thanks to DARPA they can even search houses. These miniature drones are so small they can be used almost anywhere and are fairly undetectable to an unsuspecting person.

The USAF are keen to use this kind of technology to help out in military operations to be dropped from aircraft but still stay afloat and even have the ability to assassinate if need be.

DARPA’s new set of drones erases the need for human control and are being released under the organization’s Fast Lightweight Autonomy program. Their announcement stated these drones would primarily be in operation overseas, but who knows what will come in time. It’s not difficult to imagine these drones being used in military and police operations across the U.S. But, DARPA is only trying to protect innocent people as they aim for advanced perception and autonomy to search buildings with the need for officers to risk getting hurt.

These drones have the potential to save thousands of lives. Not just the officers they will be in place of but to the thousands of innocent civilians that may just be protected by the early detection of trouble by one of these magnificent machines. Where other aerial vehicles fail is that they can only survey from above or outside a location, whereas these little beauties can go inside the building for a much clearer picture of the situation.

Image credit & Article via: Trendintech