Imagine never having to cook ever again but still having the luxury of eating, fine, restaurant quality dishes, within the comfort of your own home. And no, we are not talking about a personal chef here. As early as 2018 we could all be seeing and getting our hands on the world’s first intelligent cooking robot. A little device that could save you hours slaving away over a hot stove could be yours sooner than you think!

This amazing little tool not only has unlimited access to chefs and their specialty recipes from all over the globe, and can throw together over 100 different meals, it also cleans up any mess afterward too! The company behind the little masterpiece is Moley Robotics, with Mark Oleynik as the CEO.

The way in which the robot works is by the user inputting how many people, the type of cuisine required, the calories count, desired ingredients, cooking method, and other details at the start of the process. Then, in a matter of minutes, you simply tap away choosing your recipe requirements, throw them all in the machine and push the start button to begin the process.

As well as the recipes that are already built-in, the Moley kitchen robot could download any recipe it liked from the internet, and the company will also be looking to launch a share and sell recipe feature where users can buy and sell recipes from one another and could become a comprehensive starting block for any budding chef.

Once this robot is finalized and introduced into the market, provided there are no major issues with it, it’s almost certain that this device will be a huge success, as long as they can get the price right. As well as expanding their recipe database to list more than 2,000 fine dishes the team at Moley Robotics are also busy working on the robot’s cleaning capabilities, including a dishwashing facility. Watch this space in 2018 if you want to get your hands on one of these little beauties.

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