As the move towards a healthier environment and one that is filled with the latest innovations and technologies gets closer, Outrider looks to follow the trend and release their new product into this thriving market.  Please enter the Outrider Horizon Electric Bike.

This new creation of Outrider is an adaptive model that can be customized to suit the rider.  It can go pretty much anywhere a regular bike can go and all by using an electric motor.

The Horizon bike is made up of aluminum alloy frame, seven gears, a grip twist on the right bar, Wellgo two sided aluminum alloy pedals, and 20-inch tires.  It’s also got an adjustable saddle, and various accessories to go with it including a trouser guard on the front chain ring, a rear fender, LED headlights, right and left handle bar mirrors and an optional 6ft Arizona Whip LED flagpole. The motor is a rear-mounted geared hub producing between 750 to 2000 watts at 43 volts.  It has a lithium iron phosphate battery that has a life of around 69 amp hours or 3000-watt hours, and a full charge will take around 4 hours to charge fully.

While the estimated range of the Horizon is a modest 35 miles to 40 miles and the top speed is 25mph, it is still a funky little bike nonetheless. However, with a base price of $13,985 is it funky enough to get people hooked?

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